Pigalle 12 Bunk beds

Pigalle 12 Bunk beds

The twin rooms have bunks for a fun dormitory-type experience, and can be paired with the adjoining rooms. They offer similar standards of comfort to the other rooms.

12m2 twin rooms with bunk beds
Separate bathroom with shower, single ceramic pedestal basin, air conditioning.
WC in bathroom.
King single bunk beds.
Fitted wardrobe.
View of courtyard.
Communicating door; can be paired with neighbouring rooms.
In-room iPad, personalised music selection, high-quality sound system.
Offbeat vintage furniture and ornaments typical of the neighbourhood.

Pigalle 12 Bunk beds
Pigalle 12 Bunk beds
Pigalle 12 Bunk beds
Pigalle 12 Bunk beds
le pigalle

Le Pigalle - today and yesterday. Each of the neighbourhood’s many facets is woven into Le Pigalle’s bedrooms. Open to fresh ideas, our interior designers worked with photographers and artists to provide our rooms with a warm, welcoming feel infused with the very essence of Pigalle. Taken in the surrounding streets, the photographs lining the walls echo the 20th century chairs, tables and beds selected with care to achieve a perfectly balanced style. These impeccable interiors are perfect for relaxing before you head out onto the city streets.

Radio Pigalle

Pigalle is also a soundscape... in collaboration with Victor Kiswell

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  • Twice the First time - Saul Williams
  • Brother where are you - Oscar Brown Jr.
  • Baltimore - Nina Simone
  • Auditorium - Mos Def
  • Venus in Fur - The Velvet Undergroud & Nico
  • Billy Jack - Curtis Mayfield
  • Monsieur Madame - Cha Cha Guitri
  • Il Pleut - Brigitte Fontaine
  • Mysterons - Portishead
  • Imidiwan ma tennam - Tinariwen