Gueules de Pigalle

The neighbourhood, seen by those living in Pigalle

  • Cristel


    Shoe Shop Owner , 25 years in Pigalle 

    « Pigalle is a cabaret show where you can sing and dance all night long. »

  • Ricky


    Ricky, Cobbler, 8 years in Pigalle

    « Pigalle is a great area for partying and meeting girls !” 

  • Bettina


    7 years in Pigalle

    « With its many well-assorted convenience stores, Pigalle is a great place to live. »

  • Augusto


    baker, 15 years in Pigalle

    « Pigalle is Paris’ most lively historic district. »

  • Lucianne


    school guard, 20 years in Pigalle

    « Pigalle is a neighborhood which owes its beauty to its diversity. »

  • SAM


    graphic artist, 4 years in Pigalle

    « Pigalle is the place of all encounters. »

  • Nicolas


    kebab chef, a few months in Pigalle

    « Pigalle is the perfect mix between bohemian-bourgeois with their prams, tramps, sex-shops and luxury hotels. »

  • Séverine


    fashionista, 10 years in Pigalle

    « Pigalle is a place for fabulous get-togethers, a small village filled with fashion, music and entertainment. »

  • Alain


    antique dealer, 30 years in Pigalle

    « In Pigalle, I like to bargain, wander around and watch the girls go by ! »



    second-hand clothes seeker, 40 years in Pigalle

    « Pigalle is where I grew up, I left but came back to her and now I’m never leaving her again. »

Radio Pigalle

Pigalle is also a soundscape... in collaboration with Victor Kiswell

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  • Twice the First time - Saul Williams
  • Brother where are you - Oscar Brown Jr.
  • Baltimore - Nina Simone
  • Auditorium - Mos Def
  • Venus in Fur - The Velvet Undergroud & Nico
  • Billy Jack - Curtis Mayfield
  • Monsieur Madame - Cha Cha Guitri
  • Il Pleut - Brigitte Fontaine
  • Mysterons - Portishead
  • Imidiwan ma tennam - Tinariwen