The groundfloor is a passionate distillation of everything that makes Pigalle such a special place. In a setting that’s both gloriously vintage and utterly contemporary, it embodies the spirit of collaboration that underlies this hotel – it is also a meeting place for the team of artists and designers whose job it is to recreate the essence of the neighbourhood.

It has a café, bar and restaurant, a vinyl record library, and a newspaper and book kiosk, all run by the colourful characters who make Pigalle what it is. There are parties, DJ sets and table dancing, providing guests with a foretaste of what they can expect as they explore the uncharted jungle that is Paris.

Some come from the other side of the world, others from just around the corner. But no one comes to Le Pigalle just to sleep: they come to eat, dance, listen to music, make new friends and much more besides.



The Pigalle is located at 9, rue Frochot
75009 Paris

+ 33(0)1 48 78 37 14