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Olivia's 'anti-uniform'

How do you go about creating a uniform for a neighbourhood and place that are anything but uniform? Such was the challenge taken up by Olivia, who draws on a number of years' experience as a designer and lives on Rue Lepic. "I've always had a bit of an offbeat approach to fashion," she admits. "On this particular project, I really liked the idea of coming up with something in tune with the multi-cultural, multi-coloured neighbourhood." The result is a youthful, comfortable, timeless collection comprising black jeans or pencil skirt for women and black chinos for men, paired with either a shirt or T-shirt for both men and women. "With this uniform, we set out to capture another side of Pigalle, reflecting Barbès and Boulevard Rochechouart, with more of a young, hip-hop, streetwear feel." Olivia also designed small, colourful patches that pepper the team's uniforms from T-shirt sleeves toshoes—bucking conventional hotel trends in style!
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Radio Pigalle

Pigalle is also a soundscape... in collaboration with Victor Kiswell

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  • Twice the First time - Saul Williams
  • Brother where are you - Oscar Brown Jr.
  • Baltimore - Nina Simone
  • Auditorium - Mos Def
  • Venus in Fur - The Velvet Undergroud & Nico
  • Billy Jack - Curtis Mayfield
  • Monsieur Madame - Cha Cha Guitri
  • Il Pleut - Brigitte Fontaine
  • Mysterons - Portishead
  • Imidiwan ma tennam - Tinariwen