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Laurent Aurion


Too low and it stifles conversation. Too high and it rings in your ears. Too loud and you can’t hear yourself think. Like colours, sound is a question of balance. And Laurent Aurion knows his balance. To create the hotel’s sound system, the team from Le Pigalle decided to tap into his expertise as the founder of the Studio de la Reine, a recording studio that has worked with top DJs, jazzmen and musicians over the last ten years. This sound specialist produced the sound system for the bedrooms, lobby and lower-ground floor, where he installed a top-quality system. “When they enter the lobby or stay in the hotel, guests are going to feel like audiophiles, but I didn’t want anything too complex, just something balanced that would sound great for Chopin and Dr Dre.” Passionate about music, Laurent Aurion stresses how sound is an integral part of music, which is how he crossed paths with another enthusiast, Victor Kiswell, who has come up with the ideal soundtrack and vinyl selection for this neighbourhood hotel...
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