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Jean André

Gentleman artist

Scarlet lips, bared breasts, pouting strippers and lollipop Lolitas: for many Parisians, Jean André’s creations are synonymous with Pigalle. His sexy, retro-style posters are everywhere you look. Jean is also art director of the Ed Banger record label. His deliciously transgressive illustrations transcend eras and genres, with influences including Matisse, Lui magazine, and the erotic film Emmanuelle. He’s also a compulsive Instagrammer, an exhibiter at the exclusive store Colette, and all-round Montmartre hispter. Jean was born in Aveyron and now lives in Montmartre. Whichever hat he’s wearing on any given day, his passion for illustration remains undimmed. And whether he’s working with tattoos, neon, sculpture, watercolour or Indian ink, each is a facet of his singular vision of human experience.
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